Couch Critic

Calling all couch critics, MQFF wants you!

What are you watching? What’s your current binge worthy show? Do you have a favourite comfort flick? Have you resorted to dusting off your VHS tapes from the 90’s?

While we’re all stuck at home socially distancing, why not become MQFF’s very own Queer Critic by submitting a 30 second to 2 minute video-review of the queer content you’re watching. All you need is a phone with a video camera and you’re good to go. 

The content needs to be queer – be it a film, TV series or short film. It can be a queer subplot, or if it’s not overtly queer just make sure you tell us why you think it is. We’re looking at you, Top Gun!

The reviews will be posted weekly on our YouTube Channel, where viewers will vote on their favourite reviews, so make sure to bring your David and Margaret A-game.

At the end of the competition the selected finalists will be part of an extravagant (or as fancy as we can get in quarantine) event to be streamed live with a chance for the finalists to star in our Queer Critic event and win some great prizes.

Queer critic will run over 5 weeks starting in April.

Submissions are to be made weekly and will be placed on our YouTube channel every Friday.

Finalists will be picked by MQFF based on audience popularity/likes, and finalists will be a part of the Queer Critic streaming event at the end of the competition period sometime in late May.

The Rules:

  • Videos must be between 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes long.
  • Content being reviewed must be queer or have a queer sub-plot that the review is focusing on. And if it’s not queer then get creative and tell us why you think it is.
  • Content can be a film, tv-series, documentary or short, but must be easily available (for streaming, freeview or online purchase).
  • Review must mention where the content is available to stream from.
  • A queer content rating must also be given. Queer rating star rating using the rainbow emoji, from ? – Queer after a few drinks to ????? – Queer AF
  • No smoking in the video, but drinking wine is encouraged  
  • Reviewers can submit as many entries as they want. The more the better.
  • Reviews can be as simple or as creative as you  want – but bring your best David & Margaret game. Hoop earrings are encouraged. 
  • Finalists will be chosen by MQFF based on audience popularity. A panel will be set up to pick the winners.
  • Anyone can enter but prizes are Victorian based only.

What you need to do:

  • Submit your entry to MQFF each week by Thursday at 12:00pm.
  • All compliant entries will be uploaded to the MQFF YouTube Channel where people can vote for a 72 hour window. 
  • The weekly winner will receive a prize and become a contender for the finale in late May

The Prizes:

  • Prizes for weekly winners
  • The major prize for the winner will be the opportunity to be our MQFF official film critic over the 2021 festival period. Winner will receive an All-in-Pass to the festival and an opportunity to conduct reviews throughout the film festival.
  • Runner-ups will be presented with a 5 pass to the 2021 festival.




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