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Love queer film? One film is never enough so why not get a pass? Passes offer great value giving you significant discounts on the single ticket price. Show your love for MQFF and get your hands on a Pass today!

The 3, 5, 7 and 10 film passes listed below are designed to be used by one person only, and can be used to book one ticket to each session only. All-in Passes are available for our MQFF Members allowing for one ticket to any timeslot including Special Events. Limited to 100. Booking fees apply to the purchase of Passes, but there are no fees when booking sessions onto your Pass.

3 Pass

Full $58 / Concession $50 / Members $47
Get 3 pass here

5 Pass

Full $93 / Concession $80 / Members $75
Get 5 pass here

7 Pass

Full $128 / Concession $109 / Members $103
Get 7 pass here

10 Pass

Full $175 / Concession $150 / Members $140
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All-In Pass (Members Only)

Members $356
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Pass Details

• Passes are eligible for 1 ticket per session only (subject to availability).

• 3/5/7/10 Passes exclude special events (including Opening and Closing Night).

• Tickets must be pre-booked to the pass to guarantee a seat.

• This is an electronic pass. You will receive a ticket for each session redeemed.

• We recommend booking your sessions online prior to the festival to secure a seat!

Each pass you buy will generate a unique 7-digit serial number send to your email on the receipt). Keep this number close to your heart (or pocket).

Book onto a pass online or by iPhone / Android app:

Find the session you want to see. In the pricing section you’ll see the heading “Book on a Pass”. Enter your serial number, select Qty 1, and click Book Tickets. Repeat for all sessions. Then Checkout!

Book onto a pass over the counter:

Supply the Box Office with your pass serial number and your session list. They’ll do the rest!

Redeeming onto your pass is completely free. No additional costs apply once the pass has been purchased. And don’t forget to bring your tickets with you on the day!

Download the 2019 Program Guide

Download the 2019 Program Guide