Director: Yen Tan

Courtesy of: IconDrama | Gay | USA | Unclassified 18+ | 85 MINS | USA | 2018


The latest work from acclaimed filmmaker, Yen Tan (Ciao, MQFF 2009, Pit Stop, MQFF 2014) is an emotional and beautifully-observed requiem for a generation of gay men.

It’s Christmas and New York lawyer Adrian returns to his Texan hometown for the first time in three years to reconnect with his conservative, religious parents, and young brother. Not out to his family, Adrian is burdened by the wave of tragedy brought on by HIV/AIDS he’s witnessing first hand. Meeting up with an estranged school friend, Carly, brings Adrian closer to the reality of an uncertain future. With exquisite filmmaking restraint, Yen Tan pierces the heart with a profoundly affecting film.

Please note, the session on Saturday, 16 March is presented with Open Captions. 

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