A Moment in the Reeds

Director: Mikko Makela

Drama | Gay | Romance | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 108 MINS | Finland | 2017


‘One of the most moving gay romance stories of recent years..’
– FilmInquiry.com


Mikko Makela’s stunning romantic drama explores the relationship between two men, set against an idyllic Finnish summer. Whilst visiting his estranged father, Leevi meets Tareq, a handsome Syrian immigrant employed to restore the family lake house. Leevi’s father departs for the city, leaving the two men alone in the beautiful remote countryside and enabling them to slowly forge a deep connection. Far removed from their everyday lives, the only immediate threat to the men’s relationship is the eventual return of Leevi’s father. But there’s also Tareq’s complex relationship with his family back in Syria. Makela sensitively explores the perspectives of both men, who long for some human connection, acceptance and a place to call home. With marginalised characters at the forefront of the story, Makela’s film is a very welcome and refreshingly frank portrait of contemporary Finnish society.

Courtesy: Film Collaborative

English & Finnish with English subtitles

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