Director: Arshad Khan

Documentary | Queer | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 80 MINS | Canada | 2017



This compelling documentary offers an intimate insight into a Pakistani immigrant exploring his sexuality while ruminating on his complex relationship with his conservative father.
Director Arshad Khan bravely puts himself front and centre as he documents his family’s move from Pakistan to Toronto. Although quite liberal in their attitudes back home, Khan’s parents go through a conservative conversion of sorts when they migrate to Canada. Struggling to blend in and find appropriate work his parent retreat into a stricter way of life. This clashes with Khan’s own personal awakening and successful career as a budding filmmaker.
Using an inventive blend of animation, home movies and clips from old Bollywood movies, Khan has crafted a powerful look at the toll of migration and a personal portrait of liberation and acceptance.

Courtesy: Gray Matter Productions

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