After Louie

Director: Vincent Gagliostro

Drama | Gay | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 100 MINS | USA | 2017



Racked with survivor’s guilt and grieving the death of his partner during the AIDS crisis, Sam’s (Alan Cumming) art career is going nowhere. When not engrossed in his memorial to ACT UP, he expends all his energy into his vices — cigarettes, alcohol and rent boys. It’s here that he meets Braeden (Zachary Booth, Keep the Lights On), a young man with whom sex soon turns to intense conversations about politics and the generational divide. After Louie is firmly rooted in New York’s queer cultural space and is passionately directed by longtime activist and ACT UP member Vincent Gagliostro. This multi-generational story explores what it means to reconcile one’s past and present.

Courtesy: Film Collaborative

Proudly presented by Prahan Market Clinic

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