Alaska is a Drag

Director: Shaz Bennett

Drag | Drama | Gay | Queer | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 83 MINS | USA | 2017



For Leo, Alaska is a real drag. His sister has cancer, his job at a fish cannery is far from glamorous, and there’s only one sad little gay bar within 100 miles. He survives by daydreaming about his future as a drag superstar and planning his escape. The drudgery is interrupted by the arrival of handsome wanderer Declan and by the discovery of his natural aptitude for boxing. When Leo is invited to compete in Miss Drag America, he finally sees his opportunity for escape. Essentially an expansion of her 2012 short of the same name (MQFF 2013), director Shaz Bennett has created a beautiful celebration of finding the humour and magic in the everyday. Featuring music from Perfume Genius, Magnetic Fields and a spikey cameo from comedian Margaret Cho.

Courtesy: Shaz Bennett

Contains scenes of homophobic violence.

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