Director: Carlos Sanchez, Jason Sanchez

Courtesy of: Seville InternationalCanada | Drama | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 105 MINS | Canada | 2017


Evan Rachel Wood gives a powerhouse performance as a woman, troubled by her past, who seeks sexual and emotional fulfillment through a series of failed relationships. Her life changes, however, when she befriends and convinces an unhappy sixteen year-old girl (played by Julia Sarah Stone, Weirdos, MQFF 2018) to runaway and live with her. Although the arrangement initially works, it soon becomes clear that there are disturbing power dynamics at play as their friendship morphs into something else. Manipulation, denial and co-dependency fuel what ultimately becomes a fractured dynamic that can only sustain itself for so long. A dark psychological drama that will stay with you long after you leave the cinema.

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Download the 2019 Program Guide