An Almost Ordinary Summer

Director: Simone Godano

Courtesy of: Palace Films Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Italian | M- Coarse language and drug use | 100 | Italy | 2019


Two very different families are brought together under the same roof when the patriarchs of the families announce – much to the shock of their grown children– that they are in love and getting married. What ensues is a delightful romantic comedy that throws in for good measure culture clash and class warfare as the rival families try not to implode. It all helps of course that this all takes place in a spectacular cliffside villa in coastal Gaeta and the wonderful cast includes Alessandro Gassmann and Fabrizio Bentivoglio as the two men who have fallen in love despite their families’ blatant animosity. With the wedding only weeks away, you can bet on chaos, catastrophe and hijinks being the guest of honour at this seemingly ordinary summer.

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