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Animation Shorts

Animation | Gay | Lesbian | Queer | Shorts | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 64 MINS |


A diverse and inventive collection of award-winning shorts from across the globe. Animated for your viewing pleasure is the charming tale of a childhood romance between two girls, a young Indian man comes out to his parents while cooking their favourite dish, a butch lesbian tells her life story with the help of the Aztec goddess Coyolxauhqui and a superhero finally comes out as their true self.

Selected Shorts

Open Recess

Dir: Amy Xu, 2016, USA, 3mins

A tender and sweet animated documentary chronicling the childhood romance between two girls.


Chromosome Sweetheart

Dir: Honami Yano, 2017, Japan, 5 mins

An ex-couple in a café, a girl sucking on her girlfriend’s hair, a running woman, a fleeing town, a little girl walking along the river. In this world, there are as many forms of love as there are people.


Hi, It’s Your Mother

Dir: Daniel Sterlin-Altman, 2016, Canada, 5 mins

A shocking tragi-comedic stop motion short about family and blood(y) ties.


I Like Girls

Dir: Diane Obomsawin, 2016, Canada, 8 mins

First love is an intoxicating experience, but with it can come excruciating awkwardness, unrequited emotions, and confusing issues of identity. Cartoonist and animator Diane Obomsawin adapts her latest graphic novel for the screen.


The Fish Curry

Dir: Abhishek Verma, 2017, India, 12 mins

Lalit is in a romantic relationship with his roommate and has always been hesitant to come to his parents. But today Lalit’s father is paying a visit and he plans to cook his father’s favourite dish and come out. Will the fish curry be tasty enough?

Hindi with English subtitles



Dir: Aharonit Elior, 2017, USA, 5 mins

In this gentle and sweet animation, a girl finds someone to spark her flame.



Dir: Louisa Bertman, 2016, USA, 5 mins

A stirring animated music video for Greg Holden’s Boys In The Street.



Dir: Louisa Bertman, 2015, USA, 5 mins

Femininity and adulthood collide in this intimate animated memoir.


Butch Coyolxauhqui

Dir: Karleen Pendleton Jiménez, 2017, Canada, 5 mins

A butch lesbian tells the story of her queer body with the help of her mother and the Aztec goddess Coyolxauhqui.


Venus – Filly the Lesbian Little Fairy

Dir: Sávio Leite, 2017, Brazil, 6 mins

In this animated fairy tale, Filly, a lesbian fairy seduces women by day, dressed as a boy. But at night something strange happens…

Portuguese with English subtitles


Steps to Balance 1-5

Dir: Molly Garrett, 2017, USA, 3 mins

Two characters attempt to balance through five choreographed steps.



Dir: Philip Watts, 2017, Australia, 2 mins

A citizen needs rescuing. Luckily there’s a superhero on hand. He just needs somewhere to change into his costume.

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