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Australian Shorts and Awards

Comedy | Gay | Lesbian | Queer | Shorts | Special Events | Trans | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 72 MINS | Australia |


A diverse showcase of queer stories and a celebration of local filmmaking talent. We are proud to present nine new shorts that will transport you inside the Australian Sharpie scene of the 1970s, the grunt and sweat of the Australian Women’s Football League, the inner life of a Melbourne bear, a transgender kid’s first day at school, the alien abduction of a drug addicted drag queen and the rush of getting high and doing crime with your girlfriend.

MQFF, with the City of Melbourne, is proud to present this selection and all films are eligible for the following jury awards, which will be presented on the night:


The City of Melbourne Award for the Best Australian Short Film ($3,000)

Film Victoria Award for Best Director – Australian Short Film ($1,000)

Shaun Miller Lawyers Award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker ($500)

Blackmagic Design Award for Best Cinematography (a URSA Mini 4K EF Digital Camera valued at $4155)


Selected Shorts


Dir: Kirrilee Bailey, 2017, 5 mins

Catt breaks out in a rash and thinks she might have become allergic to her long-term partner.



Dir: Luke Marsden, 2017, 6 mins

Three men. An apartment at midnight. Things unspoken.



Dir: Sam Rogers, 2017, 9 mins

Lovers Ola and Kathleen spend their days getting high off Nangs and practicing their DJ skills until Kathleen starts to question their purpose.



Dir: Oliver Levi-Malouf, 2017, 5 mins

During a mental breakdown, Christian – a drug addicted drag queen – is abducted by a lonely and mysterious alien.



Dir: Clayton Waddell, 2017, 8 mins

When Posty returns from jail, his relationship with Mick and the gang slowly unravels.


Round One

Dir: Ella Sowinska, 2017, 4 mins

Round One creates a portrait of Nicola Stevens, who played in the first professional Australian Football League women’s game in 2017.


Mrs McCutcheon

Dir: John Sheedy, 2017, 16 mins

A heartfelt coming-of-age story about Tom, a 10-year-old who prefers the name Mrs McCutcheon.

Winner Best Australian Short – MIFF 2017


Bear in a Bedroom

Dir: Albert Koomen, 2017, 7 mins

As he dresses, a bear reveals more than just a hairy chest – he talks about the highs and lows of his life and the healing power of love.



Dir: Olivia Costa, 2017, 12 mins

A young sex worker drifts through life: Nina finds herself stretched between a boy short on cash, a girl she might like, and her young neighbours who wear candy bracelets.


Proudly presented by City of Melbourne



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