Director: Simon Amstell

Courtesy of: Matchbox Films Comedy | Gay | Romance | Unclassified 18+ | 85 mins | UK | 2018


Benjamin is an awkward, self-depreciating indie filmmaker struggling to finish the follow up to his successful debut film, Happy. His crippling self-doubt over his talent and personal insecurities amplify when he meets and falls for the charming Noah, a talented French musician. Even worse, Noah seems to like him too! The two men embark on a rocky on again/off again courtship riddled with meddlesome parents, bothersome ex-boyfriends, disastrous comedy gigs and magic mushrooms.

British comedian, Simon Amstell has chosen, for his directing debut, the building blocks of your quintessential romantic comedy, but has injected it with charm, warmth and bittersweet truths.


“A miraculously heartfelt love story, sweet and poignant in all its awkwardness.”

– The Guardian

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