Billie and Emma

Director: Samantha Lee

Drama | English Subtitles | Lesbian | Premiere | Tagalog & Filipino | Unclassified 15+ | 104 | Philippines | 2018



This gentle coming-of-age love story introduces us to Billie, a feisty tomboy teenager who moves from Manilla to St Isidro to live with her aunt, a religious teacher at the local Catholic school for girls which Billie starts to attend. There she meets Emma, one of the popular kids who is also one of the school’s best students.

A class project brings the two girls together and a friendship develops. While Billie frequently clashes with her aunt in class and at home about her sexuality and other religious views, Emma finds out that she’s pregnant with her boyfriend Miguel. The girls find comfort in each other and a romance develops.

Billie and Emma’s writer-director-producer, Samantha Lee (Maybe Tomorrow, MQFF 2018), excels in presenting a fresh perspective to this familiar tale of first love with touches of sweetness and innocence while addressing head on the religious background of this small community where the story takes place.

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