Body Electric

Director: Marcelo Caetano

Drama | Gay | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 94 MINS | Brazil | 2017


‘A satisfying, warmhearted film whose understated charms leave a pleasant glow.’
– Variety


23-year-old Elias works hard in a garment factory in São Paulo. His nights are spent aimlessly cruising the city’s gay bars looking for a connection or a quick sexual encounter. As the summer approaches Elias’s work responsibilities grow and he finds his free time slowly slipping away. One night he is invited out by his co-workers and Elias finds in them a group of people he can really connect with.

Body Electric is a vibrant, sensual portrait of working life in Brazil that celebrates the small joys in life, be it the camaraderie of the workplace, the rhythmic beat of a dance club or the unabashed joys of picking up and making love.

Courtesy: M-Appeal

Portuguese with English subtitles

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