Bonnie & Bonnie

Director: Ali Hakim

Courtesy of: Edition Salzgeber | Drama | English Subtitles | German | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 90 | Germany | 2019


A lesbian twist on the infamous story of criminal lovers Bonnie & Clyde, wannabe dancer Yara feels suffocated by her strict Muslim father and older brother Bekim. She escapes to the streets to hang out with her graffiti-spraying mates and acts up whenever she can. By day she also plays the good daughter, working in the family store. Everything changes when she first spots biker jacket-wearing rebel and bar girl Kiki. Dared by her buddies to grab hold of Kiki’s hand, Yara gets a whole lot more than she bargained for from the silly stunt. But what starts off as a fierce fight soon spins into the fires of first true love, opening up a world of pain when tradition, repression and homophobia come crashing in. As the girls take matters into their own hands, stepping outside of the law, a thrilling chase ensues that might just prove to be a one-way ticket.

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