Director: Christophe Charrier

Courtesy of: Film and PictureDrama | France | Gay | Unclassified 18+ | 82 MINS | France | 2018


French writer/director Christophe Charrier’s sophomore film offers up an intriguing puzzle box split between two timelines. Part teen-awakening, part erotically-charged thriller, it hangs on brilliant central performances from star Félix Maritaud (BPM MQFF 2018, Sauvage MQFF 2019, Knife + Heart MQFF 2019) and newcomer Nicolas Bauwens, both playing Jonas 20 years apart. Maritaud depicts a 30-something drifter troubled by a dark occurrence in his teenage years, drinking heavily and thrown out by his partner for one infidelity too many. Bauwens takes on the role as a more hopeful teenager, tentatively exploring the boundaries of his emerging sexuality with the aid of new kid Nathan (Tommy Lee Baïk) in a colourfully recreated 90s, Game Boy included. What went horribly wrong? And can a damaged older Jonas find solace in the arms of hunky hotel receptionist Leo (Ilian Bergala)? Charrier keeps you guessing right up until the jaw-dropping climax.

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