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Brief Story From The Green Planet

Director: Santiago Loza

Courtesy of: The Open Reel Drama | English Subtitles | Spanish | Trans | Unclassified 18+ | 105 | Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Spain | 2019



Yes there’s an alien, but it’s definitely not E.T. In this playful and genre-defying Argentinian drama, trans woman Tania, along with two of her old school friends, returns to her hometown following the death of her grandmother. But when she gets there, Tania discovers something very surprising – grandma has been living with an extraterrestrial and her dying wish was for it to be returned to the woods where it was discovered. So, map in hand, the trio of loveable misfits head out on a mystifying journey full of wonder and the joy of being an outsider.

Teddy Award for Best Feature – Berlin Film Festival 2019

Screens with: Nirvana
Dir: Jess Kohl, UK, 2018, 15 mins
For eighteen days of the year, the small village of Villipuram in Tamil Nadu is transformed into ‘Koovagam’, the largest gathering of transgender women in Asia.

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