Director: Emily Harris

Courtesy of: The Festival Agency Drama | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 96 | UK | 2019


Director Emily Harris’ sensual debut feature is an atmospheric take on the famous lesbian vampire novel of the same name, focusing more on its dark coming-of-age love story, steeped in mystery and illicit desires. 15-year-old Lara lives in relative isolation with her father and strict governess, Miss Fontaine. A carriage crash nearby brings a young girl into the family home to recuperate, the eponymous Carmilla. The pair embark on a passionate relationship, which strikes fear into the heart of Miss Fontaine and a complex emotional triangle emerges between the three women. Swirling around this forbidden romance are local rumors of an evil supernatural presence which fuel Miss Fontaine’s concern for Lara’s well-being and raise questions about the mysterious Carmilla.

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