Close Knit

Director: Naoko Ogigami

Drama | Gender Diverse | Romance | Trans | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 127 MINS | Japan | 2017


Winner Teddy Jury Award Berlin International Film Festival 2017

Fifth grader Tomo sits alone in her apartment, surrounded by empty food cans and rubbish. Her mother has left her to fend for herself while she pursues her latest love interest. Unable to look after herself, Tomo moves in with her uncle Maiko and his new transgender girlfriend, Rinko (played by Japanese heartthrob Toma Ikuta). Initially uncertain of the arrangement, Rinko’s attentive and gentle ways soon win Tomo over and the three eventually form a loving, unconventional family.
Driven by the lack of visibility of the transgender community her country, director Naoko Ogigami has created a touching and understated drama that breaks new ground with a story that is rarely seen in Japanese cinema.

Courtesy: Nikkatsu Corporation

Japanese with English subtitles

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