Director: Perci Intalan

Courtesy of: Ignatius FilmsDrama | English Subtitles | Lesbian | Tagalog & Filipino | Unclassified 18+ | 90 | Phillipines | 2018


Liza is visited by her estranged husband, Anton, and is begged to return to the family home she abruptly abandoned five years ago (a mystery that gets revealed as the film plays out). Numbed by an unspoken grief, Liza agrees to follow Anton and attempts to re-enter her former life. However, her children, Therese and Karla, are hesitant, shocked by this sudden reappearance. While the younger Therese is more open to her mother’s attempts to rebuild trust, university student, Karla remains distant, refusing to engage with Liza. Compounding the emotions that she feels about her mother’s return, Therese is attracted to a female classmate.
This award-winning Filipino film is highlighted by excellent performances and a tightly controlled atmosphere of suppressed desires and long- held secrets.


A splendid drama, the kind that exhibits excellent restraint, where the characters sweep their simmering, suppressed emotions under the cover of politeness and civility. – Reverse Delay

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