Director: Bani Khoshnoudi

Courtesy of: Figa Films Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Persian | Spanish | Unclassified 18+ | 85 | Mexico, Greece, Dominican Republic | 2018


When Ramin hid on a cargo ship leaving Turkey, he never expected to end up in Veracruz, Mexico by accident. Having escaped persecution as a young gay man in his home country, Iran, he suddenly finds himself far from everything he knows, living the life of an exile in this nostalgic, tropical port where his past and future are constantly confronted by new relationships and burgeoning desires. His longing to return home becomes a complex notion when he meets and begins a passionate affair with the intriguing and intense Guillermo.

Touching on topical issues that have defined our times, Fireflies is a compassionate and sensitive drama about the constant longing for a country that doesn’t accept who you are and the unexpected places we end up calling home.

Winner Best Film – Miami Film Festival 2019

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