Giant Little Ones

Director: Keith Behrman

Courtesy of: Mongrel MediaBisexual | Drama | Gay | Queer | Romance | Youth Films | Unclassified 15+ | 93 mins | Canada | 2018


Popular high school seniors Franky and his best friend Ballas are inseparable. They are adored by their girlfriends and family, admired by their peers on the swim team. Everything changes however when after a drunken night partying the two best friends end up in bed together.
The repercussions ripple across their cloistered world as they question their sexuality and the true nature of their friendship.

Giant Little Ones is a sensitive and clear-eyed portrait of contemporary youth. Steering away from mere sensationalism the film offers a compassionate and complex portrait of the nuances of gender and sexuality. Elevated by sensational performances from all the young leads and a wonderful cameo from Kyle MacLachlan as Frankie’s estranged gay dad, this film will provoke and ultimately move you.


“Finally, a film about teenage sexuality and it’s inherent fluidity that has something authentic and intelligent to say.”

– Toronto Star

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