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Guy on Guy Shorts

Gay | Queer | Shorts | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 83 MINS |


This collection of revealing and engrossing award-winning international shorts cover the pitfalls and swoon of falling in love for the first time, the rush of hooking up, the complications of family, awkward first crushes and messy breakups.


The Mess He Made Dir: Matthew Puccini, 2017, USA 11 mins

Awaiting the results of a rapid HIV test, Jude wanders a sexual health clinic

Assessing the life choices he’s made. This could be the longest 15 minutes of his life.


1992 Dir: Anthony Doncque, 2016, France, 25 mins

It’s 1992. Martin is 17 and he films his daily life with his Hi8 camera. He films anything and everything including his current crush Dominique, his 23-year-old high school teacher.

French with English subtitles


Alex and the Handyman Dir: Nicholas Colia, 2017, USA, 14 mins

A precocious nine-year-old boy develops a crush on a moody twenty-five year old handyman working in the mansion where he lives.


Heavy Weight Dir: Jonny Ruff, 2016, UK, 13 mins

A boxer finds his world turned upside down with the arrival of a new boxer at his training club.


Pedro Dir: André Santos & Marco Leão, 2016, Portugal 20 mins

Pedro’s lonely and demanding mother drags him to the beach. Once there however the teen stumbles upon a hidden sexual playground amongst the bushes.

Portuguese with English subtitles

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