Director: Katharina Mueckstein

Courtesy of: Films BoutiqueAustria | Drama | Gay | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 97 MINS | Austria | 2018


Tomboy Mati loves to ride motorcross bikes and hang with her gang of boys. But when Mati meets Carla, her world becomes unstable. The encounter with the independent girl shows Mati who she could really be: alive and open, and very different from her competitive, demonstratively cool friends. To complicate things further, Mati‘s father is also grappling with his own confused sexual feelings, while her best friend Sebastian throws a spanner in the works when he confesses feelings for her. Director Katharina Mückstein has created an original, multi-award winning coming out drama anchored by a charismatic turn from rising star Sophie Stockinger.

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Download the 2019 Program Guide