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Laws of Desire

Lesbian | Shorts | Unclassified 18+ | 93 |


The rules of attraction don’t come with a handy guide book but part of the fun and surprise is working out what those rules are as you will discover in these unmissable eight films.

After You Left Dir -April Maxey, USA, 2019, 9 mins
The memories come flooding back when Andrea’s ex-girlfriend returns the last few items from their prior life together.

Children Alike Dir – Julia Boström, Sweden, 2017, 5 mins, Swedish with English subtitles
Johannes introduces his new girlfriend Wilma to his sister Hanna. However, Wilma and Hanna are anything but strangers.

Square One Dir – Emily Sargent, UK, 2019, 12 mins
A true story about being in a closeted relationship. And of using fishing as a way to avoid having sex.

Friends Like That Dir -Francesca de Fusco, USA, 2019, 8 mins
In the immediate aftermath of a break up, Maia seeks solace from her best ex, Alex. After spending the night, crafts gets made and things get weird.

The Pornographer Dir – Gabrielle Demers, Canada, 2018, 11 mins, French with English subtitles
Fall of 1970, an all-female film crew is about to shoot a soft-porn. Jane, the director, starts having a crush on a new girl. An eroticized power game unfolds between the filmmaker and her actress.

Xiao Xian Dir – Jiajie Yu Yan, Spain, 2019, 17 mins, Chinese with English subtitles
Xiao Xian is in charge of finishing a dress. Her mother has decided that she is going to take care of it that night, and she obeys, as usual. Sheng Xia, her best friend, shows up at her house to convince her to go partying. Xiao Xian accepts, but she cannot imagine what will end up happening that night.

Natalie Dir – Tess Emmerson, Australia, 2019, 13 mins
A story of two best friends about coming-of-age, coming out and coming to terms with who you are.

Treacle Dir – Rosie Westhoff, UK, 2019, 18 mins
When friends Jessie and Belle go away for the weekend and drunkenly hook up, what seems like an awkward slip up to a firmly heterosexual Jessie is in fact an incredible betrayal to bisexual Belle.

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