Lingua Franca

Director: Isabel Sandoval

Courtesy of: Lux BoxDrama | Trans | Unclassified 18+ | 89 | USA, Phillipines | 2019


In this beguiling drama, an undocumented Filipina immigrant paranoid about deportation works as a caregiver to a Russian-Jewish grandmother in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. When the American man she’s secretly paying for a green card marriage backs out, she becomes involved with a slaughterhouse worker who is unaware that she’s transgender.
Director, writer and star Isabel Sandoval has created a sensitive and beguiling character study full of depth and intimacy and brings to light the uneasy and vulnerable situations undocumented migrants and transwomen can find themselves in.


Lingua Franca is a landmark film in that it is the first to be written and directed by a trans woman of colour. – Screen International

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