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Make Up

Director: Claire Oakley

Courtesy of: Protagonist Pictures Drama | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 86 | UK | 2019



Ruth arrives at a sleepy seaside caravan park to be with her boyfriend Tom who who works at a local arcade. Quickly settling in and starting work herself at a laundromat, Ruth begins to suspect that Tom is fooling around behind her back with a mysterious red-headed woman.

Into her orbit comes Jade, a free spirited and confident woman who Ruth initially suspects is her romantic rival but soon the two young women find themselves attracted to each other.

Loaded with atmosphere, tension and simmering desire, Claire Oakley’s bewitching debut feature is a mysterious, sensual and bold coming out film like no other that will keep you enthralled and guessing right until the end.


Straddling poetic realism, body horror and lesbian romance, Claire Oakley’s mazy coming-of-age psychodrama is gorgeous and inventive. – Sight & Sound

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