Making Montgomery Clift

Director: Robert Anderson Clift, Hilary Demmon

Courtesy of: Film CollaborativeDocumentary | Gay | USA | Unclassified 18+ | 87 MINS | USA | 2018


Legend has it that Hollywood matinee idol Montgomery Clift was a tortured and tragic figure, who was unable to live with his homosexual desires. These conflicted feelings eventually drove him to drink and an early grave.
Co-Directed by his youngest nephew, this essential and fascinating documentary goes a long way in correcting this misinformation by presenting us with a keenly intelligent man who was very open about his sexuality and fully in command of his illustrious film career. Featuring an incredible archive of material mostly gleamed from Clift’s brother who kept an unprecedented amount of personal home footage, audio recordings and documents. This a must for film buffs and anyone interested in queer Hollywood history.

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