Margin of Error

Director: Liliana Paolinelli

Courtesy of: Mandrágora ProductionsEnglish Subtitles | Lesbian | Unclassified 18+ | 82 | Argentina | 2019


Iris is happily partnered to Jackie, their 23 year relationship surrounded by good friends and a seemingly idyllic life. Iris’s world however begins to crumble when she agrees to host the young and free spirited Maia, her best friend’s daughter. The infatuation consumes her whole world and everything that once seemed established in her life is at stake when she hears on the grapevine that Maia has fallen in love with an older woman. Is it Iris? Director Liliana Paolinelli’s droll take on the quintessential May/December romance gives proceedings a fresh spin by focusing on an older woman’s desires as she grapples with a late life crisis and questions the life choices she has made. Brimming with sparkling performances from the mostly female cast, Margin of Error is a delightful watch.

Screens with Long Distance
Dir – Anoop Lokkur, Australia, 2019, 7 mins
Aayushi, a young Indian woman living in Australia, gets a call from her Mum back home while getting ready for work. As they talk, the little white lies Aayushi tells indicate a distance between herself and her family that is more than just physical.

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