Porcupine Lake

Director: Ingrid Veninger

Drama | Lesbian | Youth Films | UNCLASSIFIED 15+ | 84 MINS | Canada | 2017


‘A moving, entertaining journey into the struggles of youth.’
– The Playlist


Sometimes coming out of one’s shell is just as hard as coming out, but having someone to come out with makes both a bit easier. When timid Torontonian Bea (Charlotte Salisbury), falls in with knockabout Kate (Australian actress Lucinda Armstrong Hall), she finds the best friend she needs to get through her family’s testy new existence as roadside diner owners in northern Ontario. On her side of the tracks, Kate faces an even spikier existence, with an absent mother and a violent brother. Director Ingrid Veninger’s (He Hated Pigeons, MQFF 2016) wistful and tender Porcupine Lake is a complex look at how friendships can shape both our lives and our dreams.

Courtesy: Outplay Films

This session will be introduced by Lucinda Armstrong Hall.

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