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Postcards From London

Director: Steve McLean

Drama | Gay | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 87 MINS | UK | 2017



Jim (played by Beach Rats star Harris Dickinson) is a young, fit lad looking to make his big break in London. Landing in the Soho district broke and jobless, he innocently falls in with a group of rent boys who educate him in the ways of male escorting. Jim quickly becomes the star attraction for many of Soho’s top clientele and artists, who find his ethereal beauty a perfect canvas on which to project their fantasies.

With more than a passing nod to Fassbinder’s Querelle and the work of Derek Jarman, Postcards from London is a hyper-stylised, fever dream celebrating the symbiotic bond between the artist and their muse.

Courtesy: The Bureau

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