Prick Up Your Ears

Director: Stephen Frears

Drama | Gay | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 110 MINS | UK | 1987


‘A perfect storm of talent collides to create one of cinema’s great doomed love dramas.’
– The Times, UK

Thirty years after its first release, Stephen Frears’ biopic of the life and untimely death of playwright Joe Orton finds its way back to the big screen. Gary Oldman is magnetic in one of his earliest film performances, exuding exactly the kind of charisma that would have had the men flocking to Orton’s doorstep, while Alfred Molina is unforgettably prickly as his one-time creative partner and tortured lover, Kenneth Halliwell. Working from John Lahr’s biography, Alan Bennett’s screenplay keeps everything very British, but there’s enough sauciness to evoke Orton’s boundary pushing satires and to throw a still-contemporary light on the ‘60s.

Courtesy: Park Circus, M

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