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Director: Daisy Asquith

Documentary | Experimental | Gay | Lesbian | Queer | Trans | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 70 MINS | UK | 2017


‘A heartening celebration of progress and a cautionary reminder of all the broken lives and lonely hearts trampled along the way.’
– Screen Daily


Created from a deep dive into the BFI National Archive, this engrossing essay film charts a century of incredible change in British LGBTIQ life. Film, television, documentary and newsreel footage explore the relationships, desires, fears and expressions of gay men and women from 1919 to the current day. Queerama features landmark moments from films such as Victim, The Killing of Sister George, Orlando, Beautiful Thing and Young Soul Rebels and is coupled by a dynamic soundtrack that includes John Grant, Goldfrapp and Hercules & Love Affair. Director Daisy Asquith traverses persecution, injustice, forbidden encounters, sexual liberation and pride to create an intimate and unflinching portrait of what it was to be British and queer in the 20th Century.

Courtesy: ieie productions

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