Director: Majo Staffolani

Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Spanish | Unclassified 18+ | 62 | Argentina | 2018


Román is a middle aged married Real Estate Agent living his best life or so he thinks. When he agrees to help one of his daughter’s friends, Lucas, find an apartment, Roman’s ordinary and untroubled existence takes a dramatic swerve into the unknown. Lucas takes an interest in the unsuspecting Román and makes a move which leads both into a sex-driven relationship full of fervent encounters and stolen tryst. This recent sexual surge and discovery for Román forces him to step out of his comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side, questioning everything he held solid in his life. Román is a breezy delight that takes the familiar path of a man grappling with a midlife crisis and turns it into a joyful ode to self-discovery. It’s never too late.

Festival guest in attendance: director Majo Staffolani


Screens with St Augustine
Dir – Thomas Wilson-White, Australia, 2019, 17 mins
A couple’s seaside trip takes a turn as the salty air finds its way into the cracks of their relationship. A film about trauma, shame, and letting love in.

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