Sensitivity Training

Director: Melissa Finell

Comedy | Lesbian | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 87 MINS | USA | 2016



Australian actress Anna Lise Phillips (Animal Kingdom) stars as Dr Serena Wolf, a smart, capable, and well-respected microbiologist. She is also extremely rude, abrasive and incapable of taking other people’s feelings into consideration. After an unforgivable exchange at work, Serena is sent off to sensitivity training. There she is guided by the perennially chipper Caroline, who inducts her in an intensive program of politeness. When her colleagues begin seeing the softer side of Serena, they sense that something else might be going on between them. Sensitivity Training is a sweet and smart comedy that will have you grinning and gasping in equal amounts, right until the unexpected conclusion.

Courtesy: Good Bacteria LLC

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