Sequin In A Blue Room

Director: Samuel Van Grinsven

Courtesy of: AFTRS Australian Showcase | Drama | Gay | Regional Screening | Unclassified 18+ | 80 | Australia | 2019



MQFF is proud to present and support Australian Queer filmmaking talent and stories.

This remarkable debut feature from young Australian director Samuel Van Grinsven follows 16-year-old Sequin (his online handle) as he navigates the hedonistic world of anonymous hook-ups, sex parties, twinks and daddies in Sydney. When Sequin unwittingly gains a stalker, he realises he’s gotten in too deep. Erotic and unnerving in equal parts, Sequin in a Blue Room is a fresh take on the queer sex and dating scene, and a truly intoxicating ride.

Audience Award for Best Feature – Sydney Film Festival 2019

Screens with Stuart
Dir – Andrew Blogg, Australia, 2019, 9 mins
A gay man’s attraction leads to a tense confrontation. Homophobia and fear play out in post gay marriage Australia.


“Sequin in a Blue Room feels very much of the moment, but it’s upholstered by an impressive command of good old-fashioned craft.”

– Hollywood Reporter

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