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Director: Monja Art

Bisexual | Drama | Lesbian | Queer | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 109 MINS | Austria | 2017


‘Brilliantly illustrates the kind of unfulfilled and hopelessly romantic love you can never quite shake off you.’

– Vice


It’s the last sweltering weeks of the school term, and Paula can’t stop thinking about Charlotte. Charlotte might be interested, but is dating Michael. To try and get over Charlotte, Paula hooks up with classmate Tim. When seductress Lilli throws herself into the mix, things only get more complicated. Set in a small rural Austrian town where there is nothing to do but wait for a bus that probably won’t show up, Seventeen is a dreamy and gorgeously shot coming-of-age film that soaks you up in the heartaches and friendships of adolescence.

Courtesy: Edition Salzgeber

German & French with English subtitles

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