Director: Alex Moratto

Courtesy of: O2 Films Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Portugese | Romance | Unclassified 18+ | 89 | Brazil | 2018



After the death of his mother, Sócrates, a 15-year-old boy living in the outskirts of São Paulo’s coast, avoids returning to his homophobic father’s house by restlessly looking for a job in order to pay rent and make ends meet. However, being underage prevents him from getting a regular job which makes him rely on underpaid, illegal gigs. In one of those, Sócrates meets Maicon, a troubled teen whom he starts a fiery and intense sexual relationship with but who is unable to provide Sócrates with what he craves, an emotional connection and stability.

With a spectacular performance from Christian Malheiros, this debut feature from Brazilian filmmaker Alex Moratto has won accolades and awards in festivals all over the world and has been lauded for its authenticity, compassion and grit.

Screens with Bear In A Fur Coat
Dir – Albert Koomen, Australia, 2019, 9 mins
Beards and body hair or fur is a big part of belonging to the gay bear community. It’s often seen as integral to identity and attraction. Bear in a Fur Coat profiles three super-hairy bears and explores what it means to them both in their pasts and in their futures.

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