Taxi Zum Klo

Director: Frank Ripploh

Courtesy of: Edition Salzgeber | English Subtitles | Gay | German | Retrospective | Unclassified 18+ | 90 | Germany | 1980



When your day kicks off with you trapped naked on the apartment block stairwell, caught in the act of stealing your neighbour’s newspaper, you might hope that’s as crazy as it gets. Not so in this gleefully cheeky docudrama. Translated as Taxi to the Toilet, filmmaker and star Frank Ripploh’s erotic romp through Berlin’s gay sex scene is a retro treasure, documenting the out-there 80s.

Semi-autobiographical and often fully engorged, the former schoolteacher delivers a bracingly candid look at queer life, teaching young kids by day then hitting leather bars, dark rooms, beats, glory holes and drag balls by night, leading inexorably to a collision between the two.

A fascinating look at unabashed gay life lived out loud, proud and decidedly un-PC, pre-HIV/ AIDS crisis. Between the brazen bonking, it also takes time to examine the (im)possibility of monogamous relationships, featuring a genuinely touching appearance by Ripploh’s real boyfriend Bernd Broaderup. Hot to trot.


Content Warning

This film contains sexually explicit material.


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