Tell It To The Bees

Director: Annabel Jankel

Courtesy of: Transmission FilmsDrama | Lesbian | Regional Screening | Romance | MA 15+ | 108 | UK | 2018


Academy Award winner Anna Paquin stars in this passionate and heartfelt adaptation of Fiona Shaw’s best-selling novel. Set in post- war Scotland in a sleepy seaside town, Paquin plays Jean a doctor (and beekeeper) who has inherited her father’s medical practice. When 10 year old Charlie ends up at her surgery following a schoolyard scrape, she forms a friendship with his mother Lydia, a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet. It’s not long until this bond develops into romance and the women become targets for gossip and bigotry.

The two leads anchor this sweeping and engrossing period love story, giving their plight a palpable sense of desire and urgency.


An elegantly crafted, quietly touching adaptation of the Fiona Shaw novel. – The List

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