The Blonde One

Director: Marco Berger

Courtesy of: Matchbox FilmsBisexual | Drama | Gay | Unclassified 18+ | 108 MINS | Argentina | 2019


Womanising Juan must quickly find a flatmate after his brother moves out. In moves Gabriel (the blonde of the title), JuanÕs stoic and very handsome co-worker, who is recently widowed and struggling to support his young daughter.
What starts off as a seemingly affable living arrangement soon turns to burgeoning attraction, then full-blown desire.
Director Marco Berger (Plan B, MQFF 2010, Taekwondo, MQFF 2016) has made a career out of observing the unspoken erotic nature of menÕs social interactions. With his latest, he explores new territory, delivering one of his most directly passionate and heartfelt films.

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Download the 2019 Program Guide