The Feels

Director: Jenée LaMarque

Comedy | Lesbian | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 88 MINS | USA | 2017



In this racy, hilarious ensemble comedy, a group of friends gather for a weekend away to celebrate the impending wedding of Andy and Lu. On the first drunken night the ecstacy pills come out and Lu confesses that she’s never had an orgasm, much to Andy’s dismay.

As the weekend goes on Lu’s admission isn’t the only thing that transpires, as marriages unravel and sexual tensions boil over.

Interspersed amongst all the mayhem are direct-to-camera addresses from the cast recounting their first orgasm (the story from Ever Maynard, who plays Helen in the film, is worth the price of admission alone).
Thanks to a wonderful cast who seamlessly swing from wild comedy to pointed pathos, The Feels is a delight from start to finish.

Courtesy: Film Collaborative

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