The Happy Prince

Director: Rupert Everett

Courtesy of: Vendetta FilmsDrama | Gay | Germany | UK | MA 15+ | 105 MINS | UK, Germany | 2018


Forget Madonna’s BFF, this is the role Rupert Everett was born to play. A lifelong ambition, he also wrote and directed this lustrous look at the by-then infamous Oscar Wilde’s last days in Parisian exile. Nominated for a Teddy award at the Berlin International Film Festival, it’s at once heart-breaking and divine. Though wracked by financial and social ruin, fallen so far from grace he has to beg for money while dodging debts, the great wit nevertheless retains his incorrigible humour right until the bitter end, when either he or the wallpaper must go. Also starring the ever-dashing Colin Firth as best friend Reggie Turner and Emily Watson as Wilde’s unfortunate wife, this bittersweet and dreamy film is a glorious tribute to a grand man crushed by unkind times.

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