The Misandrists

Director: Bruce La Bruce

Comedy | Queer | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 91 MINS | Germany | 2017


‘Cinema’s doyenne of unapologetic gay sex wraps this twisted fantasy in such a pretty package, anyone who ever dreamed of joining a dissident lesbian cult has no choice but to accept.’
– Indiewire


Cult queer director Bruce La Bruce (Gerontophilia, MQFF 2014) puts his own stamp on The Beguiled, turning it up a notch – of course. Set in an alternate history in Ger(wo)many in 1999, two young women, Hilde and Isolde, come across a wounded revolutionary who is running from the police and is seeking sanctuary. They reluctantly take him in despite the fact they are part of a feminist terrorist cell plotting on toppling the patriarchy. Run by the austere Big Mother (a hilarious turn by Susanne Sachsse), the cult is encouraged to make love frequently and survive financially by making pornography. Featuring an array of diverse and fierce women, The Misandrists is a deliriously entertaining radical feminist manifesto.
Stay for the rousing end credits that feature a collage of famous feminists through the ages.

Courtesy: M-Appeal

Contains sexually explicit material.

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