The Revival

Director: Jennifer Gerber

Drama | Gay | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 84 MINS | USA | 2017


‘With an attention-grabbing hook and two riveting central performances, Jennifer Gerber’s feature directorial debut The Revival holds you in its grip.’
-The Hollywood Reporter


Returning to his hometown with his pregnant wife, Eli (David Rysdahl) begins preaching at his late father’s old Baptist church. He’s desperate to open the minds of the traditional fire-and-brimstone congregation, whilst competing with the new mega church.
His plans are quickly derailed when he finds himself drawn to rugged drifter Daniel (Zachary Booth, Louie, MQFF 2018), offering him far more than just food and shelter. This darkly funny American drama examines the excruciating inner debate between Eli’s homosexuality and his devotion to god, set amongst a world of potluck dinners, gossipy church ladies and repressed emotions.

Courtesy: Breaking Glass Pictures

Director Jennifer Gerber will be in attendance for this session. Please join us for a Q&A at the end of the session.

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