The Ring Thing

Director: William Sullivan

Drama | Lesbian | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 105 MINS | USA | 2018


‘Immensely engaging and always believable.’
– The Hollywood Reporter


When Kristen (Nicole Pursell) misinterprets a ring Sarah (Sarah Wharton) shows her as the beginning of a marriage proposal, it reveals a couple in vastly different places in their relationship. Suddenly, deep-rooted insecurities about marriage and the fear of divorce flood to the surface, threatening to alter their connection forever. Hoping to understand her own ambivalence about marriage, documentary filmmaker Sarah sets out to interview same-sex couples about their relationships.

From the creative team of That’s Not Us (MQFF 2016) The Ring Thing is an ambitious exploration of the nature of commitment and how the prospect of marriage can turn a loving relationship into a minefield.

Courtesy: TRT Film LLC

Proudly presented by Relationships Australia Victoria

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