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The Strong Ones

Director: Omar Zúñiga

Courtesy of: Meikincine Entertainment Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Spanish | Unclassified 18+ | 98 | Chile | 2019


Lucas travels from the big city to visit his sister and her partner who live in a remote seaside town in southern Chile. In front of the ocean and the fog, he meets Antonio, a handsome boatswain for a local fishing crew. When an intense romance grows between them, their strength, their independence and their adulthood become immovable in front of the tide. Soon the two men must face some hard decisions on where their paths will lead them and if their connection is strong enough.

Based on the short film San Cristobal (screened at MQFF 2016) and featuring the same two leads, Antonio Altamirano and Samuel González, The Strong Ones is an earthy, sensual and moving romantic drama.

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