The Sympathy Card

Director: Brendan Boogie

Courtesy of: Broken Gates Films Comedy | Lesbian | Romance | Unclassified 18+ | 94 | USA | 2019



Josie is socially awkward and can’t quite seem to be able to meet the right woman. Following the suggestion of her sister-in-law, she joins a lesbian soccer team where she meets Emma. Despite all their mishaps, the two start dating and get married. However, Emma has been diagnosed with cancer and makes it her mission to guarantee that Josie won’t be alone after she passes away. Enter the Sympathy Card rule. Although Josie does not like the idea very much, she attempts to overcome her social anxiety and meet other women. The situation gets complicated however when Josie meets Siobhan and the prospect of Josie moving on becomes all too real.

Given its potentially heavy subject matter, The Sympathy Card surprisingly provides a light and often hilarious view of relationships, love, loss and bad first dates.


The Sympathy Card is a sweet, funny and touching story. – The Lesbian Review.

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