This Is Not Berlin

Director: Hari Sama

Courtesy of: Latido Films Drama | English Subtitles | Gay | Spanish | Unclassified 18+ | 115 | Mexico | 2019


Mexico City, 1986. 17-year-old best friends, Carlos and Gera are like most teenage boys, obsessed with girls and getting out of school to have fun. When Gera’s older sister takes them to an underground nightclub they realise the world is a lot bigger than their cosy middle class lives suggest. The club opens their eyes to a world of punk and new wave music, drugs, sexual freedom and where anything goes. When Carlos asks, “Is this a gay bar?” the response is, “It’s an everything bar.”

Above the club is a photography studio run by Nico, whose door is open to even more eye-opening sexual and artistic happenings. Carlos embraces this new world and becomes more confident and risk-taking in and out of the club. Very soon he catches the eye of Nico, but will he fully abandon himself to this new paradise?


Smart, good-looking and buzzing with edginess, Sama’s fourth feature has been made with a love and care that’s palpable in every frame – Hollywood Reporter

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