Torrey Pines

Director: Clyde Petersen

Animation | Trans | UNCLASSIFIED 18+ | 60 MINS | USA | 2016


‘Every frame of Torrey Pines is pure joy to behold.’
– Huffington Post


This extraordinary, highly original animation tells the autobiographical story of its creator, trans animator Clyde Petersen, as a queer, Star Trek obsessed adolescent in the ‘90s. When a young, pigtailed Petersen is kidnapped by his mentally unstable mother, they embark on a whimsical and occasionally psychedelic journey across the USA, all rendered in a glorious hand-drawn style. Even in its darkest moments, Torrey Pines is an absolute delight, each frame created unmistakably with loving care. Scattered with witty pop culture references, from Crocodile Dundee to the TV version of Beauty and the Beast and featuring a superb score by Petersen’s band along with Kimya Dawson (Juno), which is the icing on the cake in this original cinematic odyssey.

Courtesy: Do it for the Girls Productions

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